InterMitoBase is an integrated platform providing high quality protein-protein interaction (PPI) data in human mitochondrion and useful tools to analysis PPI network.

Currently there are 490 proteins locating in mitochondrion and 2323 proteins outside mitochondrion that exist in the mitochondrial PPI network. There are totally 5883 non-redundant interactions in the database. Among them, 1640 interactions are new that have not been coverd in other PPI databases such as HPRD, BioGrid, DIP and IntAct.


  • Interactions are collected by literature mining from Pubmed
  • KEGG database has been integrated
  • HPRD, BioGrid, DIP, IntAct databases have been integrated
  • Search system is flexible with amount of protein IDs supported
  • Graph view of the interaction network
  • Gene Ontology Enrichment
  • Node degree distribution analysis

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* The mitochondrion image is from the Wikimedia Commons.