What is MiRmat?
MiRmat is a software designed to predict mature microRNA from pri-microRNA. This tool can be divided into two parts, one is for predicting Drosha processing site, which is based on energy distribution pattern along primary microRNA's secondary structure; the other is for predicting Dicer processing site, which is based on precursor microRNA's structure feature.We provide this online tool which is convenient for researchers with little computer knowledge to use.
Features of MiRmat
The advantages of MiRmat includes follows:
  • MiRmat is a useful tool which gains the highest accuracy among the present softwares in the same area.
  • MiRmat is not only designed for homo sampiens but also for namely all familiar vertebrates, especially for mammals.
  • MiRmat is devsigned for mature microRNA prediction, also can predict Drosha processing site and Dicer processing site respectively.
  • Users can easily upload their own pri-microRNA sequences, and get the predicting results later.
  • Any problems or suggestions about the online tool, please contact Chenfeng He (hechenfon@163.com).
  • This tool is free for academic usage, you can run it at your own risk. For other purposes, please contact Prof. J.Wang (jwang@nju.edu.cn).
Please use FireFox or Internet Explorer to browse MiRmat website.
Design and developed by Chenfeng He
Prof. J.Wang's Laboratory, School of Life Science, Nanjing University, China