Welcome to mirTrans

mirTrans is a repertoire that provides comprehensive information of miRNA transcription for different cell lines. MirTrans stems from the analysis on cell-specific transcriptional start sites (TSSs) of miRNAs (Xu et al., 2016, Bioinformatics) and is mainly based on H3K4me3 and DHS data .

It provides a series of datasets that are sufficient for describing the transcription of miRNAs, including miRNA transcriptional start sites (TSSs), miRNA promoter sequence, transcription factors (TFs) that regulate miRNA transcription and transcription factor binding sites (TFBSs) in miRNA promoters, as well as the pre-miRNA location and host genes of intragenic miRNAs.

MirTrans also gives the experimental H3K4me3 and DHS marks within miRNA promoters and expressed sequence tags (ESTs) within transcribed regions. Graphic views on the alternative TSSs of miRNAs in different cell lines are offered. All the genomic information in MirTrans could be retrieved either in plain or graphically. The current version covers the transcriptional information of 1513 pre-miRNAs across 54 human cell lines.