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Introduction for the target repository.

We provides two types of microRNA target dataset.

1: Viral microRNA targets on human genome;
: Human microRNA targets on virus genomes.

You may download all the datasets by one-click or download the miRNA targets for a specific virus.

To provide easy downloading for users from both the molecule biology field and medical field, mirTar classified the viruses infecting human beings in two ways.

1) Viruses are categorized according to the definition by medical microbiology;
Viruses are categorized according to ICTV virus category.

Currently, the International Committee on the Taxonomy of Viruses (ICTV) provides the most comprehensive, fully annotated compendium of information on virus taxa and taxonomy.

The ICTV generates a new master list at present which recognizes about 4404 virus species divided in nine Orders, 40 assigned Families, 85 unassigned Families, 23 assigned Sub-families, 12 unassigned Sub-families, 282 assigned genera and 298 unassigned genera.

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download the miRNA targets for a specific virus »

Introduction for mirTarP.

The prediction tool mirTarP is available on the web page to facilitate a quick screening of miRNA targets on new viruses.

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